Jan. 22nd, 2010

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Well, since it's brand-new fresh news (and I'm super excited about it), yesterday Paragon Studios (who does my MMO of choice, City of Heroes) announced some development team changes and growth.

Chief among them is that Melissa 'War Witch' Bianco is now the Lead Designer. Her interview with MMORPG.com is here.

Not only is this great because she is an awesome person and (from what little I've seen of her at the conventions I've been to) lots of fun and very interactive with the players, but...she's a she. Gaming still sometimes feels like a very boys-only thing to me, but City of Heroes has a major female playerbase and now a female developer in charge. One more reason that it's the MMO that gets my $15 every month.

That...plus the game itself: depending on my mood, I can either play one of my superheroines and smash bad guys into the dirt, or play one of my villains and just go to town with mayhem and destruction. And minions. Especially my robot minions. *evil laugh*

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