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Total donations are over $15,000 so far at [ profile] help_haiti (not counting the $8000 in donations to their UNICEF page) and the tallying is only halfway done. This is insane, and amazing!

On a somewhat selfish note, the auctions I won were for:

* 30 icons (5 fandoms w/ 6 icons each)
* 2 fanmixes
* 10 drabbles/ficlets in an assortment of fandoms
* a box of Shakespeare (action figure, magnet, paperback, DVD)

Seriously. Amazing. I'm so glad I could help contribute through this project.

Charity linkage:

Catholic Relief Services

Doctors Without Borders

Partners In Health


Humane Society
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So, the whole 'blog' thing has gotten me thinking lately. Most people who are characterized as bloggers have an overall theme to what they write; they're trying to get the word out about something. Me, I just blather about whatever happens to be going on in my life at the time. When I've had time (and energy) I review movies and the like, but I think I want to start having this blog be 'about' something more than that.

[ profile] cleolinda has links on her blog to a few sites, among them the Hunger Site and the Literacy Site. The way these sites work is, you go and click on the button and each 'click' donates x amount of books, food, etc. The site counts all the clicks, and the information is given to the companies who sponsor them who then donate the required amount based on the number of clicks. It's completely free, you can click once on each site every day. The three I have links to here are the three I feel most passionate about. The Literacy Site donates free books to children, the Animal Rescue Site helps find homes for shelter animals, and the Hunger Site, well, feeds the hungry. I did a little bit of looking into the company sponsors, just so you and I would know exactly where our clicks are going, and here's what I found:

Kind of long, but click if you want to see sponsor summaries )

So, while I ponder what I will be 'about', I will leave you with these links and information. Enjoy!


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