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So. Tonight I begin the annual Christmas baking frenzy. I have a plan: tiger butter, pumpkin pie filling, various cookie doughs to be refrigerated for baking tomorrow.

I get out bags of white chocolate chips and dump them into a saucepan. Two heaping spoonfuls of peanut butter go in, and...heat! Stir, stir. Stir. I watch chips melt slowly. Stir. Why aren't they melting all the way? Stiiiiir. Okay, now it's hardening on the bottom for some reason...white chocolate doesn't seize, does it?

Chocolate in saucepan: *seizes like whoa*
Me: >:O
John: *rescues saucepan from me as I hulk out a bit*

Okay, switching gears. I decide to skip the pumpkin pie filling because I don't want to wash the mixer bowl again. Seriously, I need a second mixer bowl for the beloved KitchenAid.

Vanilla fudge. Okay, we can do this. White chocolate chips, whipping cream and honey go in a bowl in the microwave and are melted. Cooled almost all the way, and then dump into a foil-lined baking dish. No, wait, stir in the M&Ms! Okay, I am totally stirring the M&Ms into the fudge as it sits, hardening, in the baking dish. It still looks like fudge. And, into the fridge to set.

I quickly mix together the dough for the cardamom sugar crisps, pop it in the fridge, and start on the white-chocolate-dipped cherry thins. (Side note: I have noticed that cookies are never called "cookies" anymore...they're always "thins" or "crisps" or "drops" or something else. Why is that?)

8oz maraschino cherries, dried and chopped fine. Have you ever chopped up maraschino cherries and had "Mack the Knife" come up on shuffle? Let me tell you, it's hilarious. I'm chopping away, red ooze all over my hands, and Bobby Darrin is singing: "Fancy gloves, though, has old MacHeath, yeah / So there's never, never a trace of red!"

Okay, and into the dough they go. And...walnuts. And...shape into logs and put in fridge to set. Sort of.

Whew...okay, that's it for tonight. Now back to Torchwood (ooh, how will Captain Jack and the gang scar me for life in this episode?)...
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So…we went to the California State Fair yesterday.

Overall, it was a lot of fun. We got there at about 2:30pm and headed for the <food on stick> stands. Then we decided to go through the inside exhibits first, so we went through all the creative arts displays. There was, for some reason, a little girl “singing” in one of the buildings – the one with the quilts and home crafts. She was attempting to sing “Journey to the Past” from Anastasia.

I say “attempting” because every single note was off-pitch. She wasn’t in a weird key, it was that every. Single. Note. Was either way sharp, or way flat. Jessica and I about shredded the straws on our cups trying to make our way through that horrible noise. Then, briefly, there was blessed silence. Followed by an even-more-horrible rendition of “If They Could See Me Now”, from Sweet Charity. We fled.

I would listen to “She Bangs”, as sung by William Hung, fifty thousand times before I would subject myself to that little girl again.

cuteness and EVIL )

There may or may not have been a funnel cake and fireworks after that point…I lost track, due to my brain being all splodey.


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