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Apr. 3rd, 2009 07:19 am
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So...I had a weird dream last night. I was in high school, and I was late for calculus, and I had no idea where my locker was or what my combination was. I finally make it, and my teacher is going over something higher-mathy, and I'm sitting and taking notes, and class goes on like normal. After class, I'm going down the hallway, and all of a sudden it's like a street fair in the hallway and there are tables and tents set up everywhere with local artists signing albums and those henna-tattoo people and the students are just browsing. I get to the last table and tell the person I was with, "Why didn't you tell me NCIS was here? You've been holding out on me!" And, sitting at the table, Gibbs and Tony (yes, in character) are giving me odd looks and then Tony says, "We weren't holding out on you," signs a CD (?), and hands it to me with a wink. Then I start bouncing like an idiot and whoever I was with drags me out the door.

Then there was something about transplanting a graveyard that was on church property. My subconscious is really odd sometimes...
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And I didn't take any DayQuil this time, really!

It's all fading really fast, but all I remember is I was stranded somewhere on a Lost-ish desert island with a group of people, and we had to make shelter from trees and build a village and things, and then somehow I was transported across the island and there were Others with an actual city that I just realized my subconscious pulled straight from the City of Ember movie we watched on Sunday. But mean people lived there. And dogs were chasing me and I had to get back to my village and then all of a sudden some hero-type is with me (seriously, it was like Dennis Quaid in a policeman's uniform being rugged and serious and HEROIC) helping me get back to my village of people.

And then we found this abandoned building with mysterious THINGS in it. And I kid you not, I think it was a burnt-out, abandoned Good Guys or Circuit City with a wall of TVs, and OMG ONE OF THEM WAS WORKING. So someone had power and/or was siphoning power for their own personal use (it got fuzzy after that). There was a Big Bad of some kind, and I may or may not have triumphed over them with the help of Hero!Dennis Quaid.

And then I somehow managed to make it back and Hero!Dennis Quaid made a big speech about sacrifice and family and honor and duty and something. Fin.

Good job, brain.

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Why? Because (in my case at least) you get freaky bizarre dreams. How bizarre?

So the tiny cell phone on the necklace just HAPPENS to have the Cleveland FBI number in its speed dial, because WHY NOT? )

I think the whole Greek/ouzo thing came in because we were watching Iron Chef America before bed and Cat Cora was competing. Anyway, let this be a DayQuil at 4am!


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