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echoes of the past )
Day 15 - A fanfic
Hmm. Well, I don't really read fanfic, but there are a couple of exceptions. First is the excellent Virtual Gilmore Girls. Since I was so disappointed with the way the show ended, I was happy to see someone carrying the story on, into a much better place. Virtual Season 10 is currently on hiatus (the episodes "air" as if they were the actual show) and I can't wait until it comes back!

Secondly, here's a one-off story I thoroughly enjoyed: Journey's Dawn. It's a crossover fic between new-Doctor Who and Diane Duane's Young Wizards universe. And it frames Ten in a way that I really enjoyed, because there really has been something "off" about him. Manic and enjoyable yes, but also just a bit off. Plus, it gives Donna a wonderful story.

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Day 1 - Your fav song
Day 2 - Your fav movie
Day 3 - Your fav TV program
Day 4 - Your fav book
Day 5 - Your fav quote
Day 6 - Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 7 - A photo that makes you happy
Day 8 - A photo that makes you angry/sad

Not having any RL pictures (that I'm going to post, anyway) for this, I'll take a tip from [ profile] adinarj and go to fandom.


Ugh. I haaated the whole derailment of Luke/Lorelai with this awful forced marriage-to-Chris storyline. Hated it. The whole Rory/married Dean nonsense is a close second to this.


No matter how much or how little of the end of this episode I watch, I always end up bawling like a baby.

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Okay, here's where my confusion came from. In my mind, an apple tart looks like this:

And what I had always pictured Lorelai stuffing in her purse was something like this (what I would consider a turnover):

I suppose I could (gasp!) improvise something like a cross between the two, kind of like the no-pan apple pies where you fold the crust up over the filling but it's still open in the middle -- so it could be theoretically wrapped up in a napkin and stuffed into a purse. And make them itsy and personal-sized.

I'm really overthinking this, aren't I?

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Oh GGMM peoples on my flist, help! I got it in my head just now (probably from the last Virtual GG ep, thanks [Poll #1313781]

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So, John and I started watching The Office...

We watched all of season one on Thursday night (only 6 episodes) and I'm REALLY trying to be good and wait for him to get home from work today before starting season 2. Really. I also, uh, should clean the living room & kitchen and do laundry and change the sheets on the bed....I'll get to that in a second.

So I was humming the song from the credits of The Office and YouTube-surfing, and found this:

It perfect. Taylor as Michael (although Michael makes Taylor look like the coolest guy EVAR), Kirk as Dwight, Rory and Jess as Pam and Jim (what can I say, I helplessly root for Jess over the protests of...well, everyone I know), and Dave as Ryan the temp. Because sadly, he was a temp on GG also...
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Set to "Handle With Care" by the Traveling Wilburys. Enjoy!
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I'm feeling kind of weird and meh today, so this kind of reflects that...

Nod Over Coffee by Mark Heard )
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This one's L/L again, but more wistful/happy L/L...

And We Danced by The Hooters )
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This one's pretty angsty-Lorelai, though. It's mostly Lorelai's feelings toward Pod!Luke's behavior last season (or at least, what I would have been feeling had I been her)...

Give Me A Reason by The Corrs )
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I feel so creative! Here's my first attempt at a Gilmore Girls music video:

Shakin' Things Up by Lorrie Morgan )

Mostly-Lorelai and the other Girls in a montage of clips.

Let me know what you think! ;)
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From the forums over at TWoP:

...when she [Lorelai] saw that Emily had bought a house for L/L [Luke/Lorelai] she wasn't really against. Granted she also thought it wasn't going to happen, but she didn't get upset that Emily was trying to move her out of her beloved CS [CrapShack, what Lorelai said that she and Rory named their house, because they couldn't think of anything else]. Instead she was genuinely touched by Emily's gesture and generosity as well as listening when Emily was talking about how a man needs his own space. Plus we've seen that in L/C [Lorelai/Christopher] there isn't compromise. And we know that isn't Lorelai's strength, but she was starting to learn to compromise with Luke. Of course maybe's that cause Luke didn't just arbitrarily put her Pop-tarts back! Sorry. Remember the purple wallpaper and Lorelai telling Luke honestly that she wanted him to feel like he could do his own thing and he didn't have to always go along with her if he didn't want to.

Back to the episode at hand. I think Chris reacted to the letter as a love letter because it's the only way he knows how. It's been stated a lot that Chris is immature, and that's the truth. And Chris hasn't really ever thought of himself as a father. Even in Christopher Returns he says he wants to be "another pal for Rory." He thinks of himself as the man who loves Lorelai, and so he reacted to the letter as such. He doesn't know how to be angry at the revelation that he's a horrible dad, just a horrible significant other. And the flat screen, that's what Chris thinks is a great thing to do. Luke thinks a santa burger is a great thing to do. We know which one means more to Lorelai.

This is everything I wanted to say and what Jessica and I were silently growling about this WHOLE TIME! Good riddance, Chris! Although, I do hope Lorelai has some time by herself to figure things out and doesn't just go running to Luke. But from the previews, Cut for spoilers ) Ahhh...why do you suck me in, show?

In other news, Grey's Anatomy tonight! Burke proposed to Cristina! George proposed to Callie! Which will say yes (if either)? I'm hoping we get to see preparations for a Burke/Cristina much fun Cristina planning. It'd be like Paris getting married on much fun!
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Ok, so I deleted the episode. Luckily, here's TWoP's recap of the episode! Yay! Enjoy!
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Gilmore Girls, yay!  This week was mostly a meh, filler episode, but it looks like we're setting up exciting things!


Whoa, whoa, Sookie, don’t do math! You know that hurts your head! )


Next week: There's some sort of party involving '40s period costume, both Rory and Paris are decked out, and confrontations between the elder Gilmores and the elder Huntzbergers.  Best line from Richard, exclaiming that Lorelai was right about everything she told them!  Also implies that the sole reason Rory dropped out was Mitchum's comments.  Not really a surprise, but disappointed in Rory.  Hopefully Paris will pound on her a little.    

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Gilmore Girls!  Hurrah!  I'm tired, so here's the recap:


Wow, TJ must be missing some of the same chromosomes as Kirk! Although, he hasn’t been naked yet, so I guess that falls under the category of small kindnesses. )


Next week: Sookie asks Lorelai and Rory to be godmothers to her children, and apparently after not speaking for months, they fight in church and refuse to renounce Satan.  See you all next week!

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So, week two of the Gilmore Girls Tuesday night club opened with a bang.  We browsed around in Elizabeth's new TiVo, and found the best one-line description of a movie ever.  The movie's called Trust, and the description is as follows: "Pregnant high school dropout falls for moody genius who carries a hand grenade, just in case."  It is apparently a romantic comedy, and got three stars!  We can't wait to watch it next week!  Anyway, on with the recap...

Hole…dirt…bad dirt…hole! )


Next week: Rory becomes the gossip queen of the DAR, and while everyone is pressing Luke and Lorelai to set a date, Lorelai doesn’t want to until everything is right with Rory.  That’s right, lots and lots of drama!


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Yay!! New Gilmore Girls!  And now I have a group to watch it with!  My girlfriends from work were partially addicted so I got them the rest of the way there, and we had a premiere party to watch it!  Here we go:

Rat's tushie, party of one! )


So, next week.  Rory on a road crew trading cigarettes and wondering why her mom's mad.  Stupid stupid Rory.  And Luke tells Rory about the engagement.  Which she feels gives her the right to be snarky about it with her mom.  Gah.  Shut up, Rory!  See y'all next week!


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Whew!  Another season down...and what a finale!  On so many levels...the good, the bad, the ugly, etc.  Here we go...

The sound of one TiVo shattering... )

And now I will survive reruns all summer.  I'm so glad Stargate starts up in July!

ETA: The WB will be rebroadcasting the entire Gilmore Girls season finale on Tuesday, May 31st, at 9:00pm (PST). Their official quote: "We feel silly..." Yeah, I bet you do.
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Yeah, I know I skipped an episode, but really, I felt like that anyway watching this week's episode.  I can't believe they're wrapping all of this up in just one more episode!  But here goes with the review anyway:

Moby Dick leads to felonies...who knew? )

Oh, in other news, I got the 2-disc special edition of Phantom of the Opera on DVD.  It's REALLY COOL!  And John actually sat through the whole thing with me!  Although he did say, after it was over, that he would rather have seen it on stage.  And the only singing I actually enjoyed was Emmy Rossum's.  And watching the special features with the clips of the 1986 music videos starring Sarah Brightman.  Ah, childhood memories!

ETA: the icon for this entry? From Cleolinda (link at right) and her "Phantom in Fifteen Minutes". I laughed so hard I CRIED!
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Wow, it's been a while...first of all, the Lost "clip show" on Wednesday night may have been fine for newbies catching up, but for me, kinda boring.  I've seen every episode, so all this did was show how you can condense an entire season into 1 hour: no flashbacks!  And I'm mad at the TiVo for telling me there would be pre-crash flashback connections.  Ah well, c'est la vie!

Ok, Gilmore Girls.  After last week, my expectations were lowered pretty far.  So I was pleasantly surprised with this one.  Rory/Logan and Paris/Doyle get back together, with hilarity from Paris being freaked out by sick people: "But you're pre-med!", they tell her.  And Rory tells Logan she can't do the no-strings thing, so Logan decides to be her boyfriend.  As Rory describes it to Lorelai, "We're boyfriend and girlfriend now!"  And Rory's officially in sixth grade now.

So Rory goes to meet the Huntzbergers and apparently, *gasp!*, they don't approve of her because she wants to work, and has no idea of the demands of being in their family.  Eventually, Logan takes her away, but not before he drops this anvil: "Josh isn't marrying the Huntzberger heir, you are. (emphasis mine)"  And then Mitchum, Logan's dad, offers Rory an internship at one of his local itsy-bitsy papers as an "apology".  And she refuses at first, but then decides to take it.  Overall, good episode, good plot, good moments.  Looking forward to many more!

And tonight, we're double-dating with another married couple to go see Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  So excited!  I'll get a review up tomorrow with the whole experience, traditional Mongolian BBQ and all!!

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Ok.  I was very excited after SIX WEEKS of hiatus to come back to the "fresh" (whatever, WB) episodes of Gilmore Girls.  Boy, was I wrong.  I know lots of big stuff is coming up at the end and during sweeps and we need filler sometimes but geez, right after hiatus?'s my rambly review of the episode.

Townies and Pod!Luke and Mahler, oh my! )

Next Week: Logan buckles under the weight of Rory, and we meet the Huntzberger clan for the first time.  Could be interesting, eh?


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