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It's Halloween month! Must start planning costume/theme. And making CDs.

Any recommendations for good Halloween-y music out there? Currently on my Halloween playlist:

  • Skullcrusher Mountain, Jonathan Coulton

  • Re: Your Brains, Jonathan Coulton

  • Night on Bald Mountain, Mussorgsky

  • Monster Mash, Bobby 'Boris' Pickett

  • Thriller, Michael Jackson

  • Werewolves of London, Warren Zevon

  • Transylvanian Concubine, Rasputina

  • People Are Strange, Echo & the Bunnymen

  • Love Bites, Def Leppard

  • Mack the Knife, Bobby Darin

  • When You're Evil, Voltaire

  • Zombie, The Cranberries (yes, I know it's not about actual zombies, but hey. I like the song)

  • Battleflag, Lo Fidelity All Stars (this is from that episode of ER where the psycho patient stabbed Carter and Abby. I will never not forget that scene.)

So, uh. That gives you an idea of my...eclectic taste in "Halloween" music.
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I'm about to head out, but I wanted to wish everyone a very happy and festive Halloween! Stay safe, and all that!

And no, you're never too old to dress up (*adjusts Marie Antoinette wig*). :)
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So...I have a question for you. I'm currently working on two projects: one, to compile awesome Halloween mix CDs, and two, to actually decide on a Halloween costume.

For the first, I think I'll throw it to the comments: any songs you particularly associate with Halloween? Or have scary/creepy/zombie overtones? Let me know! I'll try to upload the songs when I get a coherent list together. Currently on the list:

"Monster Mash" by Bobby Pickett
"Night on Bald Mountain" by Modest Mussorgsky
"Re: Your Brains" and "Skullcrusher Mountain" by Jonathan Coulton
"Transylvanian Concubine" by Rasputina

Amusingly, as I was working on creating a poll for the Halloween costume question, it hit me...I'm going to be Belle this year. In the green dress because it's my favorite. Seriously, yellow doesn't look good on me and her other casual outfit (the blue/white) almost looks too much like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I like the pink dress with the red fur-trimmed cape also, but the green is my favorite. Though I am worried no one will know who the heck I'm supposed to be.

Speaking of Disney princess dresses, I'm always annoyed that they give my favorite princesses such awful "default" outfits (Aurora/Sleeping Beauty with the pink dress, and Belle with the yellow). I can't pull off Jasmine or Mulan, Ariel would be a pain (well, unless it was human!Ariel, of course - her dresses are awesome), and I'm just kind of meh on Cinderella (sorry Mom!) and Snow White.

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Yes, I know Halloween was yesterday. Today is that twilight day where it's no longer Halloween and not yet my birthday. When I eat way too much leftover Halloween candy and feel slightly ill all day.

So, I thought I'd talk about my theory of Halloween and trick-or-treating as a social contract.

Believe me (or just ask any of my family members/friends) when I say that Halloween is a serious business for me. Ever since I was small, there was a sense of ceremony and tradition and excitement surrounding Halloween. Part of it is that I come from a very theater-friendly family, so I look forward to the theatrical elements - dressing up in character, becoming who I choose to be for one night.

And then there's the social contract aspect. I feel that the way it's set up, if you take the time and effort to dress up in costume, you are rewarded with candy. If you don't dress up, or at least make an effort, nobody is obligated to give you anything. Technically, the non-dressed-up trick-or-treater should be given a "trick" instead of a "treat", but then they'd probably sue and that just leads down a path with no happy endings.

Even after saying this, when I reached a certain age I realized that no matter how elaborate the costume, if I continued to trick-or-treat I would be robbing some of the time and candy given to the younger children. So I hung up my pillowcase for good.

But every year, I dress up. Every year, for one day, I become someone or something new. This year (points to icon) I dressed as Abby from NCIS (pictures to come). Next year? Who knows? But it won't be something I've been before.


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