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My brain might not recover enough from Lost to be completely with it when we watch BSG tonight...oh well.

It points north, John. (SPOILERS) )
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Ahem. Okay. On to the show. Or, what bits I can put together into coherent sentences before I have to rewatch it again. And again.
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 Ok, first part of the mid-season finale....go!

I think everything's really starting to come together. My mom said she had read that they were going for an Empire Strikes Back kind of cliffhanger feel with this set of episodes - my hope is that means we'll know the plan, but we have to wait to see how it plays out.

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...all of which managed to make my brain explode. Well, except for NCIS. Thank you, NCIS. Onward!

That's all she wrote, folks!
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Okay, first of all? Episode title makes me think of 1st season BSG with Baltar, Caprica 6 and the Destiny Baby in the Opera House.


My reaction to this episode: WHAAA!?!?

The next few weeks are going to be very hard on my poor brain...Lost on Thursday nights followed by BSG on Friday nights? And saving up all the episodes of Grey's because I cannot handle all three shows in quick succession.

Okay, okay, on to the episode proper...

Hi, Lostzilla! )

I give up. JJ, Carlton, Ron, David? Here's my brain -- go do whatever you want with it.
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AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Lost is EVIL! Ok, if you didn't catch the Hanso Foundation's commercial during the broadcast, here's what you do: Call 1-877-HANSORG...if you can't get through, follow the instructions under the cut...

Enter the world of creepy monkeys...and DOS... )

The other creepy thing is when you click on the link to go to 'Joop's Corner' and try to send a personal message to Joop. Go ahead, do it! Now I have the heebie-jeebies and won't be able to sleep! (But that's just me. I'm a freak.)

Oh, and in regards to the episode itself, I'm still in the "What??? WHAT????" phase. I just CANNOT believe that Contents protected to save the unspoiled... )! Why, yes, it is lovely here in Denial this time of year! *gets sunshade*
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Yay, Lost is back!  And lots and lots of garbled yelling at the TV about what the ^&*% was going on with that!  It was really good, but still, WHAT?  And the who in the what now?  My brain, she is squishing around in my head trying to process that last hour.  But anyway, since Cleo is out of her semi-retirement of the recaps, here is the Cleolinda recap: A slight pandemonium breaks out with the extras murmuring "Peas and carrots! Peas and carrots!" "WATERMELON!!" at each other. (Theater joke, sorry.)  I loved that line.  Especially since I recognized it before she said "theater joke."  Ah, the life of a theater nerd.

Anyway, hopefully tomorrow I'll have the Gilmore Girls recap up.  See ya!


Jun. 18th, 2005 10:10 pm
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So, today was the big shopping excursion!  Elizabeth and I got haircuts and then we all went shopping at the outlets until about 9 pm.  My feet hurt something awful, but since we got Grasshoppers at the Keds outlet, we were good to go.  Also, Chili's has these really cool dessert shot things.  It's like a bitsy slice of cheesecake, but in a shot glass.  Just enough for dessert after a big dinner. 

We finally got to see the episode of Lost that we missed; Tabula Rasa.  Lots of good filler information and a very kooky musical montage at the end.  Very cool.  Now I'm exhausted and will go to sleep and dream lots of good dreams.  See y'all later!!

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All I have to say to this is that I was left with the SAME QUESTIONS at the end of this three-hour extravaganza: What's in the hatch?  What's the monster?  Who are the "Others"?   What do the numbers MEAN?

None of these questions got answered.  Well, okay, here are the "answers": Under the hatch is a broken ladder leading waaaaay down to...we don't know what.  The monster comes up from underground, employs black smoke in some way, and makes a funny ratcheting sound when pulling people.  The "Others" have a boat and are kinda redneck-y, and take Walt away.  It's Walt they were after, not Claire's baby Aaron (yeah, not Turniphead anymore!).  And Hurley saw the numbers on the hatch and freaked out, saying the numbers were bad and they shouldn't open the hatch.  Locke didn't listen, and it went kaboom anyway.

Best lines of the show were to Hurley, both about Arzt the science teacher blowing hisself up (btw, TOTALLY saw that coming): "Duude.  Arzt just front of us."  And to Jack: "'ve got some...Arzt...on you..."  Totally cracked up at those.  Stupid JJ Abrams.  Stupid cliffhanger.  Could we at least have gotten ONE complete answer?  No?  Grrrrrrrrrrrrr....

One very long summer coming up...*sigh*

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Ok, this is going to have to be split up into three different sections:  First, my review of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, second, the latest Lost and Gilmore Girls episodes broken down, and third, the rest of the chaos of my life right now.  Ready?  Here goes nothing...


Double dating with Douglas Adams! )

Lost 1:21, Born To Run )

Ok, fingers tired now.  I'll stop this here and come back in a couple of minutes to do the Gilmore Girls rehash.  See y'all then!

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Wow, it's been a while...first of all, the Lost "clip show" on Wednesday night may have been fine for newbies catching up, but for me, kinda boring.  I've seen every episode, so all this did was show how you can condense an entire season into 1 hour: no flashbacks!  And I'm mad at the TiVo for telling me there would be pre-crash flashback connections.  Ah well, c'est la vie!

Ok, Gilmore Girls.  After last week, my expectations were lowered pretty far.  So I was pleasantly surprised with this one.  Rory/Logan and Paris/Doyle get back together, with hilarity from Paris being freaked out by sick people: "But you're pre-med!", they tell her.  And Rory tells Logan she can't do the no-strings thing, so Logan decides to be her boyfriend.  As Rory describes it to Lorelai, "We're boyfriend and girlfriend now!"  And Rory's officially in sixth grade now.

So Rory goes to meet the Huntzbergers and apparently, *gasp!*, they don't approve of her because she wants to work, and has no idea of the demands of being in their family.  Eventually, Logan takes her away, but not before he drops this anvil: "Josh isn't marrying the Huntzberger heir, you are. (emphasis mine)"  And then Mitchum, Logan's dad, offers Rory an internship at one of his local itsy-bitsy papers as an "apology".  And she refuses at first, but then decides to take it.  Overall, good episode, good plot, good moments.  Looking forward to many more!

And tonight, we're double-dating with another married couple to go see Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  So excited!  I'll get a review up tomorrow with the whole experience, traditional Mongolian BBQ and all!!

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Ahhh...sorry for the wait, but here it is:  the Cleolinda Lost recap!  *applause*

In other breaking news, I got a raise at work (yay!) and a bonus check (yay!!) and unfortunately, I still have to deal with crazy/stupid/delusional customers (boo!)...ah well, the life of a customer service rep *sigh*


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