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I'll say it: I'm a sucker for these types of stories. I mean, come on!

She's a hugger. FANTASTIC. )

We also watched Crazy People. Because I hadn't ever seen it (but heard it quoted extensively: "Volvo: boxy, but good." "Sony: because Caucasians are just too damn tall") and apparently that needed to be rectified immediately.

Hilarious. I love Dudley Moore. Also hilarious: I kept parsing the (evil!) ad executive as Stephen Weber in my head...even though it wasn't him. Also - I don't think you could make that movie today (example: the Sony ad). Which is kind of a shame.

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I know, I'm behind! many shows, so little time. Oh, and spoilers ahoy!

NCIS: Agent Afloat )

Heroes: I Am Become Death )
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My thoughts, let me show you them...

The pillow! )
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NCIS premieres tonight!

I'm not sure if I'm excited, or nervous, since they broke up the team at the end of last season. Excervous? Nercited? This week on "When Portmanteaus Fail You"...

So we'll make it a double header with Heroes, since I didn't get to watch it last night because of choir. *bounces*

Also, if I get a sec I'll try to do a recap of the cracktastic movie we watched over the weekend, Body Double. Even more lolarious is that the old reviews I can dig up (it came out in 1984) are swooning over Brian De Palma and his HOMAGES to HITCHCOCK and then I just crack up more...I swear, I'll write about it! Maybe tonight!


May. 20th, 2008 12:26 pm
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The 2-hour NCIS finale is tonight. I'm trying my best to stay unspoiled, but I'm afraid the pressure may be too much for me (I need to know if it's Jenny who dies or not!!). Gah! Must. Stay. Strong.

Maybe one little peek at

No! Strong!

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...all of which managed to make my brain explode. Well, except for NCIS. Thank you, NCIS. Onward!

That's all she wrote, folks!


May. 8th, 2008 11:20 am
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So...[personal profile] ravenclawed, was NCIS everything you hoped for and more?

Yeah...I'm not sure either.


I miss the Ziva who can kill you 27 ways with a pencil. And isn't afraid to let you know it. Does that make me weird?

Oh, another plus: Abby on skates! And cute Abby/McGee banter!


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