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Shannon Rowbury is running for the gold in the women's 1500 meter (run? sprint? dash?) in the Olympics on Saturday. She went to my high school. She was a sophomore when I was a senior. I can probably find her in my old yearbooks which I am so doing tonight!.

This is SO COOL. Also, crap - I have to watch track & field now! Normally the only track & field event I am even mildly interested in watching (if it's on) is pole vault. But this is so frakking cool! Also - surreal!
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So, we were watching the Olympics last night and saw Shawn Johnson finally win a gymnastics gold for balance beam. She is just SO ADORABLE. I want to pat her on the head and give her a cookie. I was spoiled for the win (thanks, internet) but it was still exciting.

So then I was watching the technical duet prelims for synchronized swimming. John came in and said that if I conceded synchronized swimming is an okay Olympic sport, I lost all privileges of complaining about other so-called "sports" (badminton, table tennis, curling, etc).

So I explained: I enjoy watching synchronized swimming because it's entertaining, not because it's a sport. If it were on TV at any other time of year, I would watch it. Since it isn't, it has to stay in the Olympics because otherwise I'd never see it! I don't know that you can make the same claim (entertainment vs sport) for badminton or curling. Table tennis maybe, so I'll stop boggling at that one in the interest of fairness.

Also, I love watching synchronized swimming because the names of the skills are fantastic. Come on: rocket, dolphin, eggbeater - what other sport has such fun names!

Also, from listening to the commentary I now know that one of the American swimmers doesn't use a nose clip; she closes her nostrils with her upper lip. Is there some sort of fish-interbreeding program with our Olympic swimmers?!


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