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So we went to see Weird Al at the state fair on Monday night.

It was pretty much the same show as last year (though the sign-language interpreter was better prepared this time!), and he cut out a couple of full songs & made the medley longer. But he was still awesome! And I totally want a White & Nerdy shirt (the splatter ladies tee, natch).

But the whole family came up, so that was fun to see everyone. I wish we could have had the whole day, but public school (PUBLIC SCHOOL!) for some of the kids started that day. Man, I feel old...I remember when I went to private school that we started like the last week of August and public school kids didn't start until after Labor Day. So much for that, I guess...

Oh, also, I added an ETA to my last state fair entry because I forgot to include the skanky goatherdess trick-rider anecdote (scroll down to the bottom).
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I know, I know, it's been a while. Well, it's been quite an eventful weekend, let me tell you. Jessica came down from Oregon for the weekend, so Friday night I went out to dinner with her & Elizabeth & Laura. Then, Saturday, Elizabeth, Jessica & I went to the outlets for about...oh, all freaking day. Then we went to see Becoming Jane, which was just as good as we hoped.

Sunday we did pretty much nothing, and then yesterday we went to the California State Fair. I entered a pie this year, and won second place (yay!), so that was exciting. We went around the fair collecting goodies (my haul includes a mug, a water bottle holder with carabiner, a redwood sapling, a mini football and breath mints) and then, we went to have dinner.

The tables we were sitting at were near that bungee-jumping ride - you know, where they strap you in and the bungee slingshots you around for a while? Anyway, we were just finishing up when we heard this loud CRACK sound, almost like thunder. We looked around, and realized that one side of the bungee cord had broken, and was completely shredded. The people were okay, there was a safety line in place and they got down safely.

After dinner, we swarmed over to the stage, because we had fourth-row seats for the Weird Al concert! It was the best concert I think I've ever been to - there were costume changes, there were streamers and confetti and bubbles and fake money falling from the sky (during "I'll Sue Ya") and it was just perfect. The only person who I don't think was thrilled was the sign-language interpreter lady. Some of his songs - well, she has to spell out a lot of the individual words, and sometimes he goes really fast! After a couple of the songs, she was shaking her hands to get the feeling back in them and shooting him exasperated looks - when she wasn't trying not to laugh at the lyrics she was signing ("Bedrock Anthem" was particularly hilarious, watching her face).

Anyway, here are all the pictures I took - more later!


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