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Day 15 - A fanfic
Hmm. Well, I don't really read fanfic, but there are a couple of exceptions. First is the excellent Virtual Gilmore Girls. Since I was so disappointed with the way the show ended, I was happy to see someone carrying the story on, into a much better place. Virtual Season 10 is currently on hiatus (the episodes "air" as if they were the actual show) and I can't wait until it comes back!

Secondly, here's a one-off story I thoroughly enjoyed: Journey's Dawn. It's a crossover fic between new-Doctor Who and Diane Duane's Young Wizards universe. And it frames Ten in a way that I really enjoyed, because there really has been something "off" about him. Manic and enjoyable yes, but also just a bit off. Plus, it gives Donna a wonderful story.

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Just a little itty bit of linkspam.  Diane Duane, author of my mostest belovedest Young Wizards series of books, is going to online-publish by subscription the third book in her Feline Wizardry series.  They're set in the same universe as the Young Wizard books but center on a group of cat-wizards...oh, just 

go here 

for a full summary and description of everything.  And subscribe, if you feel like it!  We need to keep the Young Wizards alive!  Aliiiive, I say!

Oh wow...I just realized that I probably read the first book in this series when I was...12?  13?  So at least 10 years ago.  And the newest one, Wizards At War, just came out last summer, which I promptly went out and bought the day it was released on hardcover.  Yes, I am that in love with this series. 


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