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Day 19 - A talent of yours

Um...procrastination? BSing English papers? But seriously. I guess I'll go with music on this one. I'm good with computers, but that's more a consequence of growing up as the technology was starting to take off than anything else. And having parents who liked seeing what 'the latest thing' was.

But I've always loved music. I've been singing in choirs since I was in 6th grade, so...for about 16 years (!!). Some of my best memories are from choir trips or musical performances (singing at Mass in the Vatican, my high school musicals, singing with my high school choir at my class's Baccalaureate Mass, performing at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA, performing in Austria, etc).

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I'm putting most of this behind a cut so you don't have to be exposed to quite so much of my musical frustration rambling...

Suffice it to say, rehearsal last night was...interesting.

First, the seating chart was completely rearranged... )

It's funny - I've sung a lot of masses, but I've never sung the Creed in Latin before. I get used to just doing the Kyrie, Gloria, Gospel Acclamation, etc. Of course, the English "translation" in our edition is not the Creed in any's some random religious prayer. Which is weird. I wonder what they'll have for the supertitles -- the actual translation, or the English in the book?

PLUS, we're singing the Haydn in Germanic Latin and the Willcocks in Roman Latin. JUST BECAUSE IT ISN'T CONFUSING ENOUGH.

Sigh. The trials and tribulations of a chorister.


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